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First Time Climbing Mount Pulag

Climbing a mountain and reaching it's peak has always been a part of my bucket list, but I never thought that my very first climb would be the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines and also ranks the highest in the whole Luzon area - Mount Pulag.

The trail we took going up the summit is the Akiki Trail, it is the difficult route and takes about 3 days to complete (including the descent).

The road to the the foot of Mount Pulag is a bumpy one, but a way to enjoy it is to hop on to the top of the jeepney and just enjoy the view. (Tip: if there is a spare tire on top of the jeepney, best to sit on it. Or try to sit on your bag/towel/shoes, because you might end up having a bruised tush after.)

Half way to the Eddet River, you can spot a hidden cemetery (or an offering altar) just below the trail. Creepy.

The hanging bridge of Eddet River.

Shooting star.

Ranger's Camp before attacking the summit. (Day 2)

You can actually see the trail up the summit.

Before sunrise.

The famous waterfall clouds of Mount Pulag.



Jumping above the clouds.

Our day 2 camp (view from the summit).

Imitating Rafiki!

The descend was my favorite part of the trek, not just because it's easy, but because the view is just awesome.

The native Ibaloi people created this path without machinery or power tools.

As a neophyte climber, I was a bit scared about climbing the highest mountain in Luzon, but with proper training, perseverance, good company, and awesome landscape, my fear disappeared instantly just as my heart was taken away by Mount Pulag.

For those who are planing a trip to Mount Pulag, here's our itinerary just so you have a reference.

Mt. Pulag Package 3D-2N (Akiki – Ambangeg Trail)
Php 3,000 /pax for group of 12 pax
Php 3,500 /pax for group of 10-11 pax 
April 13-15, 2013
Exclusive Tour

Mountain Jeep (Baguio – Ranger Station Jump off – Baguio)
7 Set Meals (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch)
Porter (food only)
Permits & Fees

Tent – For rent - Php 500/tent good for 5pax
Trail water/ Food/ GORP
Personal Porter (Php 300/day)
Souvenirs (available at Pambi)
Transportation Manila-Baguio-Manila via Bus or Private Van can be arrange upon request

DAY 00  April 12, 2013 (Own Arrangement)
11:00 pm ETD: Victory Liner to Baguio
DAY 01  April 13, 2013 (L/D)
04:00 am ETA: Baguio
04:00 am Breakfast (own pax account)
05:00 am Assembly Time
06:00 am ETD: Rented Jeep ride to Akiki, Kabayan
Lunch along the road
12:00 nn  ETA: Akiki Jumpoff; start trek on steep trail.
01:00 pm ETA: Ranger Station. Acquire guide and porter
01:30 pm Start 2 hr trek to Eddet River
04:30 pm ETA Eddet River. Set up camp.
06:00 pm Dinner
09:00 pm Lights out
DAY 02  April 14, 2013 (B/L/D)
04:00 am Wake up call
04:30 am Breakfast
05:30 am Break Camp
07:00 am Start 3-4 hour trek to Marlboro Country
11:00 am ETA: Marlboro Country - Lunch at water source
12:00 nn  Commence a 3 hour trek through montane forest
02:30 pm ETA: Grassland (2600 MASL)
04:00 pm ETA: Saddle Campsite. Set up camp.
05:30 pm Assault to summit. Sunset.
07:00 pm Dinner
09:00 pm Lights out

DAY 03  April 15, 2013 (B/L)
04:30 am Wake up call
04:45 am Start trek to Summit
05:00 am SUMMIT!!!
Watch the sunrise
06:30 am Descend back to campsite
07:30 am Break camp
09:00 am Start descent via Ambangeg Trail
11:00 am ETA: Ranger station
12:00 nn ETD: Ranger station to Baguio
Lunch along the road
04:00 pm ETA: Baguio
06:00 pm ETD: Baguio to Manila
11:00 pm ETA: Manila(Home Sweet Home!)
Things to Bring
  1. Shell – Waterproof Jacket and/or Raincoat
  2. Fleece
  3. Vapor wick/ quick dry shirts (2 – 3 pcs)
  4. Trekking pants
  5. Trekking shorts
  6. Wool socks (2 pairs)
  7. Brief / panty (optional)
  8. Bonnet / Balaclava
  9. Gloves
  10. Sleeping bag
  11. Tent (sharing / rent)
  12. 1 liter trail water
  13. Gorp
  14. Tissue
  15. Thermals
  16. Trash bag
  17. Mess kit
  18. First Aid
  19. Head torch/ flashlite
Our trip was arranged by e-TravelMundo Adventures and Tours, here's their details:
26 Rue Sandrine St. Monique Valais, Binangonan, Rizal
Mobile# +63 923-862-4479 (SUN) / +63 927-737-2688 (GLOBE)
Landline# +63 2 4251734
Like our Facebook page: e-TravelMundo Adventures and Tours

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