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Pink Panda Recreates Southeast Asian Cuisine

Pink Panda made it's mark by creating a buzz to where it's located. So Kathi and I tried to search for it and check why is everyone asking the question "where is Pink Panda?" 

We decided to park at A. Venue mall since it's the closest landmark to Pink Panda. But before we turn to the parking lot, we saw a restaurant with a little neon pink sign and some bamboo decors, which made us admire the quirky place, turns out, it is Pink Panda! 

The facade of Pink Panda matches the interior of the restaurant. You know the restaurant is Asian but with a modern twist to it. You can see some straw hats hanging from a rack with cute pink Panda toys with bamboo sticks. There's also pink flamingos welcoming you as you enter the restaurant.

We were under the impression that Pink Panda serves the usual Asian Cuisine, but we were wrong. The food that we tried is nothing but ordinary. Chef Peter Ayson really played around with his menu, even the food name on their menu is very playful. Like the..

Dimsum and Then Some (P325)

Wild Vietnamese Rolls (P190)

Mango and Papaya Catfish (P360)

Puncak Chicken Sate (P340)

Prawn Toasties and Tom Yum Shots (P285)

This appetizer is a perfect start to a feast. The sour Tom Yum shots easily made my mouth water. The shrimp was really fresh and the Prawn Toasties adds a nice crunch to the Tom Yum Shot. 

Panda Buns (P210)

The Panda Buns are too cute to eat! These buns scream "Please don't eat me" but the bola-bola stuffing is really hard to resist. I was looking for some hot sauce to drizzle on top of the pork buns (I'm used to pour hot sauce on my pork buns ever since I got hooked at Kwoloon House's siopao) but I realize that if I put hot sauce on these cute Panda Buns, that will make it look like they're bleeding. 

Vietnamese Pho Sho (P365)

Sambal Stingray (P345)

Rack of Bones (P430)

Crispy Beef Rendang (P420)

Crab Mie Goreng (P285)

Pink Panda also prides themselves of great drinks and cocktails. The guy who invented their drinks list is Erwan Hussaff, so expect something out of the ordinary.

Momo's Delight.

Momo's Delight is a cocktail inspired by Pink Panda's Marketing manager. She suggested to Erwan Hussaff that they need more cocktails that are light and not heavy on the alcohol so women can enjoy them. 

Pink Panty (P110)

I hate to admit it, but the Pink Panty is a really refreshing drink. It's just hard to keep a straight face every time I order it. 

Slanted Sour (P250)

Mix Mix (P195)

The Mix Mix is Pink Panda's version of the Filipino favorite dessert, Halo-Halo. 

Panda Balls (P220)

The Panda Balls are Pink Panda's version of Buchi, but with a twist. They are filled with Peanut butter and Jelly, Dark Chocolate, or the original sweet beans. To make it more enticing, you won't know what you're getting until you bite into it. 

Mango and Jackfruit Sansrival (P245)

Misfortune Cookies (comes with coffee)

The Misfortune Cookies are filled with sentences that can make you either laugh or frown. But whatever misfortune you get, it's better to down it with coffee and a bite of the sweet cookies. 

Pink Panda is not your usual Asian Diner, their food is innovative and playful. If you're tired of the traditional Southeast Asian cooking, try Pink Panda. Come for the food, then stay for their awesome cocktails. 

G/F Y2 Residence Hotel,
4687 Santiago cor. B. Valdez sts.,
Makati City
Open Daily: 11am - 12mn

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