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Make your own Magnum at #MagnumManila SM Aura

When Magnum came in The Philippines roughly 2 years ago, it's been photographed and shared on every social media platform, from well known celebrities to people who just got their first Magnum at 7-11 and even took a selfie with it and the receipt. They know how to utilize social media in their advantage, and it worked. Now that Magnum opens a pop-up store in SM Aura, we have a new reason to take a photo of it by designing your own Magnum and sharing it on social media with the new hashtag #MagnumManila. 

Magnum Manila will only be open for 12 months, which is reason enough to visit it at least once a month before it closes. 

Designing your own Magnum is easy and fun. The Pleasure Makers are very helpful and will guide you on designing your first Magnum.

First step is choosing 3 toppings. This is the hardest part for me, there's a huge variety of toppings to choose from, and you only get to choose 3! You can choose from nuts (pistachio, almonds, etc), crushed cookies (Oreos, Biscoff cookies), freeze-dried toppings (raspberries, yogurt bits) and even savory ones (pretzels, potato chips, popcorn, quezo de bola, chili flakes). I chose honey comb, yogurt bits, and pistachio. 

After choosing the 3 toppings, the Pleasure Maker will shake all your toppings in a shaker, much like how a barista do it. 

Second step is choosing your base, I got the Classic, which is Vanilla.

Third step is choosing the coat for your Magnum. You can choose from milk chocolate, white chocolate, salted caramel, and dark chocolate. I went for the milk chocolate.

While it's still damp, the Pleasure Maker will then pour all the toppings you chose on both sides of the Magnum bar then drizzle it more with a dip of your choosing. I got the salted caramel. 

To finish the design, the signature "M" chocolate button is placed on top of your masterpiece. 

So that's how you design your own Magnum Bar. The steps are basically 
coat it - top it - drizzle it - set it - share it - then love it! But I think there's a missing step, it's repeat! It's hard not to go back again and try a different combination. Here's some of my creation along with Kathi's and my sister Justice. 

Kathi designed her Magnum with raspberries, gold nuggets and pistachio. It looks like Christmas on a Magnum bar. The raspberries are a good way to balance the sweetness of the chocolate. 

Justice tried something unique (the one on the left), her toppings were pistachios, quezo de bola, and chocolate balls, then drizzled with a dark chocolate. 

For my second bar, I asked the pleasure maker for a suggestion that is savory, and she recommended one of their signature creations, the Picnic in the Park. Toppings are potato chips, quezo de bola, sea salt and pretzels. The base is Vanilla and it's topped with dark chocolate. The saltiness of the chips and pretzels really balanced the sweetness of the white chocolate coat. 

Designing your own Magnum Bar is fun and interesting, there's so much combination you can do that the 12 months that it's open is not enough. If your the type of person who doesn't want to create your own Magnum or want something that is good for sharing, Magnum Manila also offers their signature plated dessert dishes. 

 Rainbow Dream (P250)

 Cookie Dough Skillet (P250)

Pink Friday (P290)

Death by Chocolate (P250)

* The Design your own Magnum costs P100 with 3 toppings. 


Magnum Manila
SM Aura SkyPark Dining
Level 5, SM Aura Premier,
26th Street corner McKinley Parkway,

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